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I'm Vicki Dolphy! 

Over the last 35 years, I've built a diverse career spanning multiple industries. I started out in Human Resources but, after earning my degree in Computer Science, I transitioned to IT roles. This shift led me through various sectors, including insurance, health care, senior living, and medical device manufacturing.

Beyond my professional life, I'm a proud veteran of the Minnesota Army National Guard. Today, I actively support both active-duty troops and fellow veterans, reflecting my deep commitment to those who serve.

Staying active is essential to me, both personally and professionally. I instruct fitness classes and enjoy challenging myself with triathlons. As a mother, I also have the joyful challenge of keeping up with my two energetic sons.

Late in my career, I discovered the transformative power of effective communication and leadership through my involvement with Toastmasters. Having achieved their top honor, Distinguished Toastmaster Master (DTM), I continue to find joy in public speaking and mentoring others to harness these essential skills.

My passion for teaching and sharing knowledge shines through in everything I do. From group hypnosis trainings to fitness instruction, I'm always driven by one central question: "how can more people benefit from this information?"

Now, as a Certified NeuroAccelerated Practitioner, I'm now dedicated to supporting individuals, especially women in leadership roles, excutives, and entrepreneurs towards better health, empowerment, and finding more joy in their lives.